Why are you doing this?

I like to draw cats and I like to help make people happy! As a bonus I’m building up a body of work and making sure I get at least a little bit of drawing in every day.

How do you decide which cats to draw?

I open up This Cat is C H O N K Y and scroll down until I find an image that catches my eye! This might depend entirely on the photo or be a combination of the photo, description, and/or circumstances of the post.

Occasionally I also draw cats from Twitter, Instagram, or other social media if I’m inspired to do so.

If I post at a certain time are you more likely to see my cat and draw it?

Because of the volume of posts in This Cat is C H O N K Y , the moderators approve posts throughout the day and often several days after they’re submitted, meaning it could show up in the group at any time. Because the group also has so much activity, posts that are hours or even days old get bumped up to the top of the page, so I never know exactly what I’ll see!

Wow, thanks for drawing my cat! How much do I owe you?

Nothing! You’re more than welcome to make a donation to support Random Acts of Cat but this is absolutely not required.

I live in (insert country here), will you still mail me my portrait?


Can I repost the drawing to my Instagram/Facebook page/other social media?

Of course, although I would appreciate a link back to this site or one of my social media pages!

Will you draw my cat?

I do accept commissions for pet portraits in this style and size for $30 each. However, I do not take requests for free portraits. If you’d like a commission, please send me an email or Facebook message! My main art website also has more information about commissions.

What do you do with the drawings that aren’t mailed out?

They’re hanging in my studio to be enjoyed by anyone who might stop by!

How big are these portraits? And what materials do you use?

They’re 3″ x 3″ and can fit perfectly in the palm of your hand! They’re inked with Micron and Copic pens, colored with Copic markers, and white details are added with a Sakura Gelly Roll gel pen.